White Fish St Jacques with Semi-Soft Cheese

Serves 2-4


Nice piece of white fish
4 mushrooms chopped finely
1 small leek
White wine
150 g Semi-Soft Cheese, for example Gubbeen Cheese
Small handful of flour
Milk until thicken

Cooking time:
40 minutes


Get some of your favourite white fish, monk or haddock, cut into chunks, dusting of flour and in the pan it goes for a bit of colour. Remove on a kitchen towel. In the same pan, but gently on the heat, sauté a finely chopped leek and thinly sliced mushrooms with a pinch of salt. Once sweated, splash a bit of white wine in there. Reduce. A handful of flour, milk  and 150g of gubbeen cut into small pieces. Had the milk little by little until thick-ish. Place the fish pieces in individual baking dishes. Before going in a hot oven, blend some bread and parsley for a breadcrumb finish. Cover the dishes with a healthy amount of it.

Recipe Courtesy of Franck Le Moenner at Sheridans Cheese Mongers

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