Recipe featured on the RTE Today Show with Kate Lawlor of Fenn’s Quay Cork, Wednesday 10th February 2016.


Linguini with Crispy Bacon, Asparagus Baby Spinach, Blue Cheese & Basil Cream

2 servings of cooked and refreshed linguini
150 ml white wine
1 shallot
1 sprig of thyme
500 ml cream
50 g farmhouse blue cheese grated e.g. Cashel Blue
1 bunch of blanched and refreshed asparagus
500g baby spinach leaves
4 rashers cooked and shredded
2 sprigs of fresh basil shredded
Salt & pepper

1. Heat a drop of olive oil in a pot on a medium heat. Add shallot and thyme, stir for 1 minute then increase the heat and add the white wine and reduce by half.
2. Once it is reduced add the cream and simmer for 5 minutes then add the grated blue cheese and stir until melted.
3. On a low heat add the pasta, asparagus and bacon, and mix well. Just before serving, add the washed baby spinach, season with salt and pepper and freshly chopped basil

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