French-Irish Onion Soup with Mild, Semi-firm Cheese

Serves 2-4


4 nice onions sliced
Pinch of brown sugar
25 cl of good beef or veg stock
1 handful of flour
20 cl Irish craft porter/ stout
Salt and pepper
Some Mild, Semi-firm Cheese, for example Coolea

Cooking time:
30 minutes


In olive oil, sweat your onions slices with salt and brown sugar until brown. Pour in the stock and reduce, before pouring in the beer. Let it simmer and top up with water if necessary. Before serving in a bowl, toast a bit or crusty bread, place it in the soup and cover with grated Mild, Semi-firm Cheese. Grill the lot and serve straight away.

Recipe Courtesy of Franck Le Moenner at Sheridans Cheese Mongers

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