Knockalara Farmhouse Cheese

Travel into the heart of West Waterford, along winding country roads and over stone bridges, turn left at an old thatched cottage, through lush green fields and there you will find the Knockalara Cheese company.  The new custom-built cheese-making premises is in contrast to the rambling old farmhouse that is home to Agnes & Wolfgang Schliebitz and their three daughters.

Agnes & Wolfgang have been making specialty Sheep’s cheese since 1990, milking their own flock of Friesland Sheep and turning their milk into a delicious range of critically-acclaimed hand-made cheeses.  All cheese made at Knockalara Farmhouse Cheese Company is made by hand using traditional cheese making methods. Only best quality milk and a vegetarian approved rennet substitute is used to produce the cheese. All cheeses are made from pasteurised milk and are free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  No genetically modified ingredients are used.

We are passionate about our cheeses and we make them for your enjoyment. We are always delighted to hear about people who have enjoyed our cheeses and hope that you too will take pleasure from them.

Knockalara Sheeps Cheese: Rounds of fresh Mediterranean-style Sheep’s cheese with a clean bright and lemony flavour and a firm texture. The ultimate cheese to toss into a green salad, crumble over pizza or pasta, eat on sandwiches and use in light modern cuisine.  Knockalara is carefully made from pure pasteurised Ewes milk. A healthy alternative to those who suffer from allergies to cows.

Knockalara in Olive oil: Creamy cubes of Knockalara Sheep’s Cheese marinated in a mixture of herb-flavoured olive oil and some sunflower oil with a hint of garlic. The oil makes a delicions salad dressing and bread dip.

Dromana: Range of small rounds of soft sheep’s cheeses, preserved in sunflower oil, coming either natural or coated with Fine Herbs, pepper or roasted Sesame.

Commeragh: A Farmhouse Cheddar made from pasteurised cows milk using vegetarian rennet. A Mature cheese with distinctive flavour. Blocks of approx 2.5kgs and consumer packs of variable weight.